I’m Nicholus Bove, and I’m a huge fan of illustration, animation, and comic book artwork. Growing up, I had a huge love of storytelling through visual mediums. Setting up a scene, the interaction of the actors through the use of linework and shading, and the infinite possibilities of depth, scale, movement, and personality that can be found on a two-dimensional plane never cease to amaze. Linework is deeper than simply the markings on the page, as they can tell exciting and engaging stories. Imaginative and fun projects are the bulk of the inspiration for my projects. Through my work, I hope to encourage younger audiences to adopt beneficial behaviors in their lives such as trust in friends, family bonds, and bravery in the face of adversity. Comics, cartoons, and modern entertainment can be more than simple entertainment for children and young adults; they can impart lessons that can carry through adult lives and motivate them to make more positive choices for many years to come.


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